Behind the Brand

The name Frayed comes from the idea of unravelling a garment to understand its complexity.

At Frayed we aim to unravel the stories behind each of our pieces through transparency. We hope that knowing exactly where your garment has come from and the process it went through before landing in your wardrobe, will help to restore the value we see in our clothing.

“My grandma taught me to sew from a young age, so I have always had a good understanding of the skill and time that goes into a single garment. I think it’s easy to forget when you’re buying something that someone, somewhere has made that. Garment manufacturing is a still a very human driven process, so when we, the consumers are not paying the true value of a piece, it’s important to understand that someone down the line in wearing that cost, typically by being underpaid for their labour."

- Sarah, Founder of Frayed the Label

We truly believe that the process of creating fashion can be used as a force for creating positive change. We promise that throughout our journey we will aim to be transparent in all that we do, educate our customers on the reality of the fashion industry and how we can change it and to constantly evolve and better ourselves as a brand.

Each piece is designed with longevity and versatility in mind and is produced in limited runs to avoid over production and waste. New styles will be released individually or in small drops, encouraging us to be conscious in what we consume and slowly build a capsule wardrobe of quality pieces that will stand the test of time.

Take a look at our Ethics & Sustainability page to see how we are making conscious and responsible decisions at every touch point of our garment lifecycle to ensure we are doing the best we can both socially and environmentally.