Behind the Brand

At Frayed we aim to unravel the stories behind each of our pieces through transparency.
We hope that knowing exactly where your garment has come from and the process it went through before landing in your wardrobe, will help us to restore the value we see in our clothing.

  • End of Life

    We believe that fashion can serve a purpose throughout its entire life cycle, from the raw materials to it's final wear. That's why we have considered what should happen to your garment at the end of it's life.

    See our product pages for more information on how you can repurpose your garment responsibly and reduce your impact on our planet.

  • Made with Love

    Each of our pieces features a small line of red stitching. We hope that over time this will become a symbol of Frayed the Label, a symbol that, when we see it, we think about where our clothes come from and the stories of the crafts people behind every stitch.

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